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PCV offers the complete product range of HP large format printers starting with the A2 format, all of which go under the name of HP Design Jet. Each of the Design Jet models are differentiated by a product number. The most recent models contain a letter in addition to the product number. A higher number does not necessarily mean a higher quality product, especially in regard to the used plotters.

Until recently, HP offered the technical 2 series: the "small" series include the HP Design Jet products 200, 300 400, 500 as well as T610. The "large" series product numbers include the 600, 700, 800, 1000 as well as T1100.

The new T Models in the DesignJet series are assigned to specific technical areas, such as architecture, engineering, statistics, geology und many other fields. Thanks to their photo-realistic capabilities, presentations or photos for a show room are no problem whatsover for these plotters.

The CP series was introduced by HP for graphic design. These were replaced by the HP Design Jet 5000 and 5500. The current models are the HP DesignJet Z2100, Z3100 und Z6100 models.

Neolt Trimmers

Neolt Trimmers are among the best currently available on the market. Because of these products exceptional price-performance ratio, PCV provides customers with a 15 year guarantee on all NEOLT cutting knives. These knives never get dull, due to the fact that they are not constructed sharp.

PCV is one the very few NEOLT partners with standard models available in stock for quick delivery. These models naturally include the mechanical models TRIM 130, TRIM 150, TRIM 200, the electrical models ELEKTRO TRIM 150, ELEKTRO TRIM 200 as well as the ELEKTRO TRIM 250. We can also deliver other models at short notice.


Plotter Ink, Laser Printer Toner, Plotter Paper

If you already have the right device and simply require plotter paper, toners for your laser printer or ink cartridges or printhead for your plotter, you can order these easily and conveniently in our on-line shop. The respective prices and shipping costs are listed for you there.

Additional parts for laser printers, such as transfer kits, drums or fusers are also available. In case you cannot locate a specific part, just give us a call.


HP Laser Printers - HP LaserJet - HP Color LaserJet

Are you looking for a LaserJet or Color LaserJet in A3 or A4 formats? PCV offers the entire HP product range, including parts, at fantastic prices. Many models can be seen in our show room. Stop by for a visit!

Note: LaserJet refers to monocrome HP laser printers, color laser printers fall under the category Color LaserJet.

Specification reference: most models have abbreviations in the model number which provide the user with important features. These include the following: 

  • T = Twin (2 large paperfeeds)
  • D = Duplex (automatic double-sided print)
  • N = Network Interface Card
  • HD = Hard Drive (in printer)
  • MFP = Multi Function Printer (includes a scanner and often fax capability)
  • SL = Stapler
  • X = refers to models with numerous features, including most of the above
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