General Terms and Conditions for the company PCV Plotter und Verbrauchsmaterial Rupert Kachel e.K.

1 Terms and Conditions

a) The following General Terms and Conditions apply to all offers, services and deliveries between our customers and ourselves.

b) Any terms and conditions set up by the customer must have our written consent.


2 Pricing and Contract

All prices are subject to change. Prior sale reserved. No liability for any errors. A sales contract only becomes valid after confirmation by PCV. A sales contract also becomes valid upon acceptance of delivery.


3 Delivery Times

Customers have the possibility of picking up goods themselves without additional costs if agreed to beforehand. Liability transfer takes place in Radolfzell. Otherwise, shipping takes place upon order placement and confirmed delivery times. The dispatching of goods follows according to agreement either via shipping company, parcel service or post, including packaging and insurance. Transfer of liability by shipping or parcel service is the respective addressee, otherwise PCV Radolfzell. All other agreements only with written confirmation with PCV.


4 Warranty

The warranty on new devices is based on producer specifications. For used devices, the guarantee is 6 months and refers to a bring-in guarantee. This includes parts and labor. This does not include shipping costs to Radolfzell. The guarantee is valid as of the date on the bill of sale. Any alterations beyond the scope of the guarantee only with our written consent. In terms of so-called DOA devices (Defect on Arrival), the customer will receive from PCV a replacement device or repair free of charge. This includes all shipping costs.

If a repair or exchange of a DOA device is not possible, it is agreed that PCV will recall the device at our own expense. Once the device has been inspected for completeness, we will refund the full cost. Incomplete devices can not be returned.

If the hardware is repaired by the customer or a third party, the customer must cover the costs themselves. This nullifies any further warranty claims.


5 Disclaimer of Warranty

PCV is not liable for normal wear and tear. Any repercussions resulting from product use such as reduced profits, higher personnel costs or damages to any other objects are excluded from the warranty.


6 Shipping Damages

The customer is responsible for inspecting the goods for visible damages upon delivery by a shipping company, parcel service, or other dispatching firm. This must be done upon delivery by making a delivery notification on the shipping invoice or by not accepting the goods. The customer has no claim to shipping damages once he/she has signed for the goods.


7 Terms of Payment

The sale is carried out via shipping company or by the customer picking the goods up themselves. For government offices or agencies or larger companies, billing is possible. All prices are quoted in Euros, unless otherwise noted.


8 Place of Performance and Court of Jurisdiction

Place of performance and court of jurisdiction for both parties is Radolfzell. This is especially true for all contradictory purchase terms claimed by the customer.


9 Ineffectiveness Clause

Should specific points in the General Terms and Conditions become ineffective or invalid, such stipulations that fulfill the business purpose of the contract or appropriate protection of both party's mutual interests shall take effect.


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