Get information on current promotions from HP and PCV in large format printers and laser jets first hand. These products have been marked with special icons. The explanation of the icons can be found in the descriptions below.

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With the purchase of a HP DesignJet you receive a selection of media at no additional cost from HP. You can choose which HP paper you would like to test without any financial risk. A fantastic idea from HP, which you should take advantage of!

For more information: Start Right




HP makes it easy to switch to the new DesignJet technology! HP offers a rebate for your "old" plotter. In addition, at their own expense, they pick up the device and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner. You are relieved of the burden of disposal and even get money for it. A great idea, wouldn't you say?

For more information:  HP Trade-In




You're not quite sure if you made the right choice, or you'd like to have the freedom to able to amend a wrong decision? Then HP's Buy and Try Program is perfect for you. You have up to 30 days to test the product at your own leisure.

For more information: HP Buy + Try




With ever changing promotions, you may not have the sense of being completely up to date. That's no problem with PCV. Simply click on the Promo button and you will be informed about all current promotions. After all, who's got a problem with special prices?

For more information: Special Offers

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