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Repair Service HP Plotter DesignJet Laserjet



Repair Service

We offer a comprehensive repair service.

Complete overhaul for your HP DesignJets Plotter at fixed prices

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We do the following tasks in a General Overhaul:

We inform you before carrying out any further repairs or replacement of Plotter parts (e.g., service station, main board, carriage) not included in the basic overhaul charge. You will be billed separately for the parts; the labor is free of charge.



Note: “Exchange” here means that the part in question will be replaced with a new part, assuming this part is available from HP. In case HP can not deliver the part, a refurbished, used part will be installed (based on availability) and noted on the delivery receipt.


PCV Service Telephone

Tel. 0049/7732-98288-14

Oliver Sunnus

hp partner

dc solution