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Trimmers, Neolt Manual and Electro Trim



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Neolt Manual Trim

Manual trimmer with self-sharpening circular knives. Documents automatically affixed during trimming process. The perfect solution for blue prints, paper, foil, sketches, plans, photos, posters and even heavy materials such as canvas. A lamp for the cutting area is available for models with a base frame.

Anlagentisch: lichtgrau gepulvert
Untergestell: Profilstahlrohr mit Papierauffangwanne
Arbeitshöhe: 87 cm
Gesamthöhe: 94 cm

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Uses a system of electrical rotating blades in hardened steel and can handle paper grade up to 0.6 mm. Starting the cutting process is done either via hand or foot controls. Lamp for cutting area included with delivery. Roll holders and terminal strips optional.

Table: light gray powdered

Pedestal: made of steel tubes, includes paper catcher

Paper grade: up to 0.6 mm

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